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Some of my best-kept marketing secrets are locked away in my phone —tools that contribute to my daily success by helping me to be more productive and efficient while maintaining quality of work. They are my marketing apps.

At first it seemed like a good idea to hold on to this all for my self. But, when I remind myself just what my brand is all about, I think of all the reasons why I should share tools like this with anyone I can.

In efforts to further support and provide resources to indie artist, I am shifting my content strategy to give something more valuable to readers, something more personal and authentic. I’m combining my best of both of worlds, Marketing and Music, and offering resourceful content to musical and freelance creators all over.

I’ll start by sharing my favorite marketing apps that can increase the professional marketer’s productivity and help artists create killer, branded content on the go.



This app is pretty clutch and perfect for on-the-go graphic design made for the web. Whether you’re taking images for a client’s social media profile or want to create dope memes to promote upcoming tour dates, Adobe Post is an awesome asset for spur-of-the moment design that is just as clean as it is creative.

What I love most about this marketing app is that you do not need Photoshop experience to create clean, effective designs. Adobe Post truly does what the Adobe team set out to do — empower any and everyone to create beautiful designs. The app’s capability to create color variations that match the color scheme of any image you upload is like having a designer in your pocket. To top it off, the varying, free design options gives you limitless

power to create eye-catching content that will engage followers.

One of Hiphopcleopatra’s favorite apps, is Adobe Post.

Here is an example of how #AdobePost was used to create

clean professional images for a health and wellness brand.

Adobe Post was used to create a quick promotional meme for one of

Baltimore’s rising artists, Lonnie Moore.


COST: $5.99

The Elight app is my favorite mobile photography app. Everything you would want to do with your photos is combined in this one tool. With this marketing app, you can truly be a trendsetter on social media. It has changed the way I take and edit pictures online.

What I love the most about this app is that it allows me to quickly and easily add a watermark to my image, create an ad and post to my social media channels in a matter of minutes, because as with most things, timing is everything.



The IFTTT app (If This Then That) is possibly one of the most valuable marketing apps to my business. It helps me to automate daily actions and tasks by connecting my favorite apps and actions. Let me guess, this sounds too good to be true right? Let me Explain.

With the IFTTT app, I am able to create daily recipes workflows that are triggered by set actions and apps. For example, if I take a photo with a client’s Twitter page, then that action will trigger the photo to automatically save a copy to my client’s folder in within my Dropbox app, hence ‘if this, then that”. This simple automated action saves me a ton of administrative trying to stay organized.

What I love most about this app is its extensive cross-functional capabilities. This app will serve your needs with both professional and personal daily tasks.

One of Hphopcleopatra’s favorite apps.

So, there you have it. These are my top apps for content creation, branding and productivity. If you like post and want me to continue to share some of my marketing secrets, just leave me a comment and suggest something you want to know!

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