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Looking for Brand Ambassadors for "FRESH EMPIRE" For More Details Click Link.

We are looking for a few cool kids between the ages of 16-21 year old

who are interested in being Brand Ambassadors for FRESH EMPIRE, a campaign focused on reducing tobacco usage among multicultural youth through hip-hop events. These individuals will serve as the voice of our campaign by helping to bring awareness to the dangers of tobacco usage and encouraging 12-17 year old to live tobacco-free! What ideal candidates will need to succeed: - Lives free of tobacco and all tobacco-related products - Has a strong love for all-things hip-hop - Has an outgoing personality and passion for engaging others their age - Is a positive influence among their peer circles and younger - Has the desire to be a part of a large social movement seeking to positively impact the lives of others - Is a hard worker driven to succeed in all they do - Can take direction and feedback well How to apply: If this sounds like someone you know, please have them email the information below to The subject should read "Baltimore Brand Ambassador Candidate”. 1) Recent resume (If you have one) 2) Two (2) recent photos 3) Age 4) Short answers to the questions below: a. Please describe your knowledge of and any experiences in the local Hip-Hop culture. b. Please describe in detail why you chose to be tobacco-free and why you want to work for a campaign that helps ensure others remain tobacco-free as well. c. Please describe why you believe you are an influencer among your peers and give an example of how you have influenced those around you to do something positive. Build-Brand-Become TheBR8 Agency

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