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8 years ago today I got a phone call from the security company ‪#‎ADT‬. They where calling because Khia front door to her house was left open. I immediately called her and receive no answer. So I called Craig Djthekid Powell and he told me ‪#‎Swift‬ was rushed to the hospital because she slipped, feel and hit her head in her own pool.😤 I was in totally disbelief. I just was with here earlier that day at ‪#‎artscape‬. Many people might not know but I was #swift ‪#‎roadmanager‬ for her label ‪#‎NextLevel‬ I soon became a partner in the ‪#‎Buissiness‬ and we built a strong ‪#‎Music‬ ‪#‎Family ‬she gave me the ball then and I'm still running with it. I will forever love and honor her. She gave me the juice and now we are up as a music scene. "I. Ain't come here to Look all cool I been cool: I came to do the motherfucking show" ‪#‎BuildBrandBecome‬ today we celebrate her life and legacy...

K-Swift Club Queen BALLOONS TO HEAVEN 8TH ANNUAL TRIBUTE 92Q JAMS, PARKING LOT, 1705 Whitehead Road Saturday, July 23, 2016 11 a.m. Wear your Swift shirt! Red, White or Black Balloon

CollegeBound rep will accept donations for the K-Swift scholarship fund. We have given eight $1,000 scholarships since 2009. Please support Swift's legacy!

Please join us! Hope to see you!

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