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#NewVideo"1999" @JaydeePolo ft Chinky Miyaki #Np On @TheBr8Agency #MoreThanHype

With the release of her new track, 1999, ft Chinky Miyaki, produced BY Shake Da Producer, Baltimore Phenom, Jaydee Polo, is taking it back to when music was good for the soul. Smooth melody. Fun lyrics and an awesome visual come together to take you back to a time when you could press repeat on a song and just listen to it. Inspired by Prince’s track, 1999, which released in 1982, Jaydee Polo channeled her inner creativity and magical delivery to make a hit that would not only take you back to a time of musical goodness, but cause you to have good vibes, a joyful tickle, and most of all a source of inspiration in 2018. "Good Vibes, Good Life, Good Times, 1999"

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