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@IAMStarrZ - The New Black (Official Video)

Directed By StarrZ Shot and edited By @MaggieRudisill Produced By @Calz_up_80 Featuring @100grandman Recorded and Mixed By Nigel Of @HitmanStudioDMV

The New Black Who are WE? We are powerful. We are unified. Therefore we are feared. For years they’ve tried to normalize our demise while we drown in tears. We don’t want your sympathy nor your minimal effort of change. We are in pain. We DEMAND justice. We want consequences for the crimes committed. but instead you give them paid leave and charges acquitted? How dare you! This aint no shirt with jus words. This aint no march with jus signs. This is the livelihood of my children’s children that I leave behind. We are epitome of our ancestors. the ancestors that you forgot helped you build this land. Your land! WE MADE YOU. YOU OWE U.S. We scream cap to your history books of facts. We are the Revolution untrapped. “We are The New Black”

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