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Our Clients/Partnerships


Unruly Records

Unruly Records, created by Scottie B, Shawn Caesar, and Karizma, three life-long friends and well-known house music DJs in Baltimore with a penchant for pushing the envelope, became home to Baltimore club and a tight-knit brotherhood of DJs and producers. Driven by friendly competition and love for the music, the producers of Unruly Records defined the genre and released a slew of unforgettable records

Paula Campbell

"I'm so blessed to have had my friend and brother be part of developing my brand and over all career. Larry brought professionalism and discipline on a level that was beyond the normal. He's always been a great motivator and through a lot of his leadership my entire team understood that our only competition was ourselves...He's been more than my choreographer but a motivator and a great example of what it means to build, brand, and become."


is an American rapper, singer, and record producer, better known by his stage name Los or King Los. Los has released various mixtapes during his career including The Crown Ain't Safe and Becoming King to critical acclaim. He originally signed to Bad Boy Records during the 2005 Los is currently signed to After Platinum, 88 Classic and RCA.

Makeeba Woods

Makeba Riddick-Woods (also known as "Girl Wonder") is an American Grammy winner singer-songwriter who has been active since 2005.[1] She is originally from West Baltimore,[2] Maryland, US. Currently she is managed by Jay-Z's record label and production house, Roc Nation. Their official website describes her as one of the industry's top pop music songwriters and vocal producers


"LarryWhaddup is a hard worker innovative and very dedicated man to whatever he puts his hands on. Once you lock in with him, his network is your network. We where able to get my mixtape and albums placed in DTLR for sale, worked on a national Gambling Campaign with MED school Maryland Productions and went on a national tour with #KingLos. To be honest ain't to many real ones left and he's def a stand up guy."


Head strong, determined and talented is just some words to describe, who we promise will be your favorite artist sooner than you think. Introducing T Savage — born and raised on the west side of Baltimore City, MD, T Savage was groomed and cultivated by two self proclaimed hustlers, her mother and father. Her parents lived and provided for their family, by any means necessary. This provided the soundtrack of T Savage’s youth, against a sobering tapestry of drugs, street life and survival,


"Larry Caudle was a tremendous help on my career and prospering in this incredibly tuff industry. Without him I wouldn't have been able to get my album in DTLR stores everywhere in the city. Be a spokesperson for a great cause "non gambling" campaign , which allowed me to be on billboards around the city. And also introduce me to every one who could and would help me get where I wanted to be in my growing career. Larry is a true Branding ambassador.


"Working with Larry Whaddup, I immediately saw that he treats every project as if it was his own, he really get his hands dirty you can't pay for that"


Baltimore based, Houston grown. @slumparadise (@perkadelic @mannypokitz) Lead Creative - Video


Life of Photography with LealLLiving by Vastina Being a Baltimorean born and raised, I innately learn to be conscious of my surrounding. In doing so, I became skilled at capturing random day to day elicit moments locally and abroad. I like to refer to my photography as: “THE ART OF INTRIQUING PEOPLE THROUGH MY EYES”… My photography journey has been enhanced by quite a few people but, three amazing photographers in particular; Lewis Williams Jr., Tom Holdsworth, and Eugene Daniels.

Huli Shalone

Huli shallone, The BR8 Agency helped me in a major way from giving me the best photo shoot I ever had designing the perfect website for me and my company for helping me expand in my acting career from shooting my video these guys are great and I love that direction that they're headed in God bless.


"I never wanted to be a rapper" Honestly i was the guy who beat on the table for everyone else to rap to. I kinda fell inlove with music out of nowhere." I used to be the shy guy in school actually. It amazes me each day when i look in the mirror, knowing that i am so much of an influence to people in baltimore. Today i am Hello Rello the artist, the Videographer, and Photographer. I throw shows, and give away Fila Clothing and apparel to kids, and other artist. My mission is to be a huge


Baltimore, Maryland MC


VDOT Bringing a high energy, unique and philosophical flow to his music; Verdell Demby better known as V DOT is an artist headed for greatness. Born and raised in the inner city of Baltimore, MD.


Throughout the course of his musical career, BZ has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances, all the while recording new singles, BZ has earned the admiration and affection of countless fans, serving as both inspiration and role model.



Jamile Mcgee

Choreographer/Dancer Jamile McGee is an African American b-boy and hip hop dancer. He is also known by his dancing name 'Jamz'. Jamile performed on the first season of So You Think You Can Dance. Jamile dances to various style of music.

PerfectlyLit Candle Co.

In our home city of Baltimore , Perfectly Lit Candle Co. is becoming known for the delicate, alluring scents of our products. As we grow our business, we take pride in remaining committed to our original promise of developing those aromas from minerals and oils that fill your space with warm . We know that what is good for you must also be good for the soul.


P7ant Based Content, Guide to Sustainable Health (click link) #SaveYourSelf🌱⚡️#TryVegan @e7ectric Organic #AlkalineVegan #SoyFree #SugarFree


On behalf of the Evolve Community Foundation, Inc, I would like to extend a warm and humble welcome to our website. We are a non-profit organization that was founded on September 25, 2015. Evolve Community Foundation, Inc is a TreeRoots Organization A tree roots organization is a nonprofit organization that supports grassroots organizations, their projects and programs. Evolve’s proven success comes from the ability to use an interdisciplinary approach to harmonize conflicting realit


Everglaze employees are commercial and residential bathtub, tile and counter-top refinishing experts that have been successfully trained by Everglaze, certified by BRAOA and utilize the patented Everglaze reglazing system


2428 Pleasant View Rd, Adamstown, MD 21710


Doing Business with TheBr8Agency has been a Breeze. Actually a Stress RELIEVER, They're like the one stop shop. I spoke with them Tuesday about Branding for my Business. By Wednesday (the Very Next Day) I was in the office with my manager meeting "TheBr8Agency Team" or "The Krew". After our successful business meeting everything was a GO! And they were even able to RUSH my Order! A 3 DAY TURN AROUND TIME!! NOW THAT'S GOOD BUSINESS BABY!!! 👏👏 Team KenLinFit Thanks THEBRAGENCY


DTLR brand, which is characterized by there trademarked motto “Your Fashion…Your Lifestyle!”

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