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#NewMedia #NewVideo @_BabyKahlo - "Top B*tch"

West Baltimore Rapper, Baby Kahlo releases an impressive video for her new single

Top B*tch. West Baltimore Native, Baby Kahlo has been sure to make her presence known in the music industry with her captivating energy and distinct sound. Kahlo is most often recongnized by her colorful attire, daring platform boots, and by the way she rages onto stages. Kahlo brings a contagiously intense energy to any crowds with her anthemic bangers like “Multiply” and “Talk My $hit” both of which we’ve witnessed leave floors shaking in local venues. Kahlo recorded her first track ever in 2017, but it’s felt like her momentum has picked up significantly over the past 18 months, making her someone to keep close tabs on. Since her debut single, Kahlo has performed all over the DMV, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Her biggest shows to date include Boiler Room, and A3C. Kahlo was invited to perform at SXSW Music Festival 2020, but the festival has been postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kahlo has performed on tours such as Bali Baby’s Play Girl World tour where she would perform alongside some of the hottest female artists such as Yung Baby Tate, Deetranada, Sukihana, and many more.  In honor of Kahloween and Dia de los muertos, Baby Kahlo, also known as Kahlo Muerto releases a music video to a track she is calling “Top B*tch”.  A top bitch is a boss, someone who is inspiring and captivating. A top b*tch is someone who works hard to be the best they can possibly be. A top b*tch doesn’t compete with anyone but themselves. A top bitch strives to be the best version of them selves each and every day that they have breath. Anyone can be a top b*tch, you just have to work hard, and focus on what’s in front of you. Its the glamorous version of a top dog.” Kahlo explains about the phrase she created. The definition of “Top B*tch” in fact is now searchable in Urban Dictionary. “ The girl have already started calling themselves by the term , using it as captions for photos and in tweets. I couldn’t be more excited about that. I want people to be confident, I don’t want people to compete with each other but with themselves everyday to be a better person than they were the day before. I hope I inspire “ Kahlo describes how her term has been shared and is spreading even before the release of the track and visual. This track is actually a the first single from Kahlo’s upcoming EP “Top B*tch”. The EP is scheduled to be released in December   of 2020. Through this visual you get a taste of the power and the energy that we will experience while indulging in Kahlo’s second project release. The song is produced by Atlanta producer, Mav Rock Beats and was written by Baby Kahlo and Baltimore artist 4kmicheal. In this song Kahlo boasts about what it means to be a “top b*tch” and she names the responsibilities of that title through her playful yet powerful flows and cadences.  The video is extremely cinematic, high energy, and action packed. The video starts of with Kahlo in handcuffs, bloody and bruised sitting in from of a Baltimore city police car. The video then flashes back to earlier that day where we see Kahlo’s friend trying to stop her from going to attack a girl she promised she only wanted “to talk to”.  Kahlo get into a fight and gets arrested as a result. With the help of Kahlo’s two friends, they were able to plan a getaway and Kahlo spends the rest of the video flexing fearlessly, throwing money, dancing around, and having careless fun. The video definitely sets a bar for other artists coming up in her area and also gets us amped for the release of her next EP.  Kahlo’s music video is available exclusively here!!!

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