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Our CEO Larrywhaddup meets with some Great men at Nepal House n baltimore. About immigration & more

Coach BILAL, Founder of #EvovleCommunityFoundation

Check out what he’s been doing in baltimore county for the youth.

Harry T Spikes, Harry serves as executive director of Bon Secours Community Works. Most recently, he served as the district director for Elijah E. Cummings, the late Congressman for the 7th District of Maryland.

Larry Caudle Founder and Owner of TheBr8, Product Manager for Unruly Records, Project Manger for MonumentalContrators LLC

More Than Hype Doc on the way!!!

Aaron Skalka Owner and operator at Transporation Resources LLC

Transportation Resources is extremely proud to offer an extensive line of purpose-built semi trailers for use in the production of film and television projects throughout North America and beyond. From basecamp trailers to camera, grip, set lighting and props, there trailers provide the end user with features that set them apart from any others offered in the market today. More details here

Prem Raja Mahat Owner of Nepal House Reaturant (Authentic Indian Food) Prem Raja Mahat is a native of Nepal who is a renowned folk singer in his homeland. Check out his latest Video here

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