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White Lions Entertainment Presents Compilation Album “Tired Of Waiting”

"Delivering a compilation Album featuring

Baltimore's most impressive roster, White Lions Entertainment presents its newest album Tired of Waiting featuring its artists SGE Kash, King Midas, Tone Onna Mission, Alijah, Not Average, Kai Amor and Taylor Wolfe."

About White Lions Entertainment

White Lions has become a musical incubator responsible for housing and creating the industry’s newest music. Founded and led by Brandon “Big B” Phillips, White Lions Entertainment is a record label that offers audio-visual, audio engineering, consulting and merchandising event planning.

Track listing 1. The Pack – SGE Kash 2. Veli Meets Girl – SGE Kash 3. Can’t Let Her Go – Tone Onna Mission 4. State to State – Tone Onna Mission ft. YNC Capo 5.Wall Street – 3lijah 6. BANGIN – Not Average 7. Win – Not Average 8. Bottom Feeder – Tayler Wolfe 9. We Got A Problem – Tayler Wolfe 10. Have it All – King Midas 11. MADLY – SGE KASH FT INAYAH 12. REMEDY – SGE KASH X KAI AMOR 13.Back Bad – SGE Kash x Tone Onna Mission x Tayler Wolfe 14. On The Move – SGE Kash x Tone Onna Mission 15. OTW (BONUS) (Acapella) – Kai Amor

Listen to the new album “Tired Of Waiting on Spotify Today.

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